23 June 2017 Comments Off on Kitchen Renovations- A Summary

Kitchen Renovations- A Summary

The kitchen is, perhaps one of the expensive rooms for renovation in the house and needs extra care to be taken off to do the job well. While renovating the kitchen in your house, firstly have an overview in the magazines and the catalogues for getting an idea about the different styles and designs available latest in the market. You come to know about the ongoing trends. You can also have a visit to the kitchen design showrooms to see more ideas. The kitchen renovation must follow the following sequence: plumbing, electrical connections, bench tops, splash backs and flooring. Hire contractors for installing the appliances. And lastly, painting, finishing and re-stocking.


The kitchen renovation can be completed in the given order:

-Firstly, removing and storing the crockery, utensils, food items and the appliances. Place sheets of plastic across the doors for blocking the dust into other rooms of the house.

-Disassemble the existing kitchen by removing the cabinets, light fittings, taps, sinks, floor coverings, etc.

-Structural changes like adding windows, breakfast-bar, and sky lights have to be done by skilled professionals.

-Discuss the plumbing options with your plumber like adding eco friendly fittings, solar water services, water saving taps, etc before your plan is finalized.

-Hire an electrician before starting the renovation for the structural work required and also after completing the renovation for hooking up the appliances.

-Painting is the last step in renovating the kitchen and is also an easy and a simple task. All the surface area should be cleaned and dried, free of dust and dirt before you paint or varnish. Let the finishing coats dry completely. Before the kitchen is restocked air the room thoroughly.

While renovating the kitchen, you may need the help of these skilled professionals like plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, environmental designer, interior designer, splashback specialist. You should always use quality materials that are more durable and last longer. You kitchen should represent a kitchen itself and not a showroom. Don’t try to incorporate unnecessary cabinets or appliances just to occupy the space in the kitchen.