23 June 2017 Comments Off on VOC Painting for Home

VOC Painting for Home

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. There are three healthy alternatives to regular paint that has been introduced in the market. They are as follows:

-Low Odour or Low VOC Paint

It is less concentrated and passes EPA standards of 250 g/L for Latex paints and 380 g/L for oil-based paints. There are some paint companies with even lower VOCs per litre. Some flat paints 50 g/L VOC and for other varieties of paint,   150/L.  Yet there are some with lower than that. The best range would be 10-25   g/L.

Zero or No VOC Paint

No VOC paint is just a marketing propaganda. These paints actually contain VOC but in a very minimal amount only. Most of these paints are under 5 g/L. Even if pigment is added the VOC levels should be under 10 g/L.


Non-Toxic or Natural Paint

Non-toxic paints are usually manufactured by alternative paint companies. These paints are rare to find and not mass manufactured. Its ingredients are organic in   nature.

These ingredients include:


-Plant oils

-Natural minerals

-Milk protein

-Natural latex

-Bees wax

-Earth and mineral dyes

This paint has been proved to have no adverse or any allergic reactions. But its quality may be not the same as other mainstream commercial paints. Indoor concentrations of VOCs are way higher than those of outdoor concentrations. This just shows that many of those who use regular paints in their homes are at great risk every day. The aesthetic value of industrial paint may be not enough to compensate for the health hazard that it can bring to millions of homes around the world.